Objectives of the Trust

The Trust was set up to benefit those children who have lost a parent or parents as a result of the tragedy on 22 February 2011.   The Trust aims to make a positive difference in the lives of these young New Zealanders. No one will be able to make up for their loss but if we can make a difference even in a small way it may help. The Trust will strive to help these children achieve their potential by providing assistance with education and helping to ease financial burdens placed upon the family from this tragedy.

Criteria for Funding

Under the terms of the Trust Deed the Trustees can provide funding as follows:

  • Provide assistance to children who lost a parent in the Canterbury earthquake of 22 February, and their immediate families who are in need;
  • Provide for the education of those children;
  • Doing all such things which may be incidental or conducive to achieving the above purpose.



  • Children with a parent (whether natural or adopted) who died in the Canterbury earthquake of 22 February
  • And, who are under the age of 20 years as at the date of the payment from the Trust.


Trust Application Guidelines

  • Each application is judged on its merits.  Applicants may be requested to supply additional information.
  • Donations must be used for the purpose for which this application is made.
  • If an application is being submitted on behalf of a child under 18 years old, then this application is to be completed by that child’s legal guardian.

Download the Application Form

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